RSA Animate is brilliant. Their artists are brilliant. They energized this whole whiteboard animation movement. Before you watch the video, which is beautiful, I have a few issues to bring up. As I watched this animation, I found myself incredibly conflicted. There were three messages:

  1. you have to be able to see your “customer’s” perspective,
  2. you need to remain positive in the face of a sea of rejection
  3. you need to help your customer determine what is signal and what is noise while they are drowning in a sea of information.

All three of these points for me point to visual communication, which through collaboration can create shared perspective and call out key points.

But, this video didn’t do that. As I watched, I felt as if I was drowning in it. And then when the camera zoomed back, it felt like a gyre. A well-drawn, dense, impossible-to-navigate-without-a-guide gyre.

Okay, I have now poisoned you with my opinion.

I think this would have benefited from a cleaner, simpler set of illustrations. See what you think.