Yesterday I attended a call center conference. I sometimes work on call center training. Yesterday, I also realized something interesting about call centers. They seem to focus more attention on leadership than most of the other business areas that I have worked in. It’s an interesting mix. In my experience, they are often rigid hierarchical  structures where employees are micro-managed and regulated to death. The structure often seems parental. Actions are prescriptive rather than thoughtful and organic and situational.

That said, my experiences are relatively few. But it also makes me wonder what the difference between a call center with a high leadership quotient and my experiences might be.

But again, I digress. I wanted to share a couple of note pages from two talks that I attended. These pages demonstrate 4 recent discoveries regarding Sketchnotes, that I will share with you in come upcoming posts. See if you can see what they are.  And Stay Tuned.