I just read a really brilliant article by Steve Blank, the king of customer discovery and the author of the Startup Owner’s Manual. Can’t recommend his work highly enough! Always insightful and always provocative. This post was no different. He writes about using a pie chart to understand a job and then to use that same pie chart to evaluate fit for hiring. It’s a great container for a visual conversation. It sets a common ground, thereby simplifying the conversation. The pie below is from the article

As  read through the process, I was inspired by all of the other topics that a pie chart can engage someone on. I’ve used them in coaching to see where people spend their time vs. what they think is important. What about a performance conversation, either employee or corporate?




You don’t have to “know how to draw” to create a pie chart. Visual conversation happens when you harness a visual framework that everyone can talk through and understand. It creates a point of common understanding. Using words along to create common understanding can be a lengthy process that can dissolve into personal opinions and territorial imperative. When you use a graphic to externalize the conversation, it allows everyone to play. There are many other common, simple frameworks that you can use to hold effective visual conversations. We’ll continue to explore them . . .one by one. For now, here’s one more pie that tells you a little bit about my professional history. The slices are sized by years of experience.