I just signed up for a 6 month graphic facilitation course on line through Alphachimp Studios.

If you too are  interested, there are a few seats left. You can find out more at: http://thatcreativespace.com/play

I don’t have a picture yet for the new course which begins next month, but here’s my visual introduction from a short, fun course that I took with them that merely got my feet wet. It was $250 and was worth that, but not more.

This next course is a full blown graphic facilitation course online. At first thought, it seemed expensive, especially if if weren’t 1/2 off as an introductory course. Half off is $2000.

However, here’s my reasoning for why it’s worth $2000:

  1. There are two online modules per month for 6 months. Estimated working time per week is 60-90 minutes. That means that it’s 36 hours of learning time, or $55/hour, the cost of an in-state tuition college class.
  2. The content is coming for experts in the graphic facilitation industry.
  3. They’re willing to share ALL of their knowledge, not only about graphic facilitation skills but the total practice, all the way down to pricing. Pricing anything has always been a struggle for me.
  4. It’s equivalent to the cost of a conference.
  5. It’s tax deductible as a business expense.
  6. It’s a framework for forced practice.
I’m hoping that it’s much more interactive than the fun course and that it contains MUCH more technical information, which it appears to have. So few of these courses, Sketchnoting and others have how to stuff. They seem to attract people with plenty of drawing how to who are looking for a way to apply their drawing skills to a new medium/methodology. I don’t have that kind of drawing skill, although I’m working on it.
I toyed with the idea of spending this kind of money and time on drawing rather than this specific application, however, they said seats were running out and before I knew it, my fingers had entered my PayPal information. Does the autofill in Google Chrome make purchases speed faster than thought for you too?

I’ll be sharing what I learn through this blog, which for a while seems to have become All Sketchnotes All the Time. Or mostly sketchnotes most of the time, anyway.

What do you think? Does graphic facilitation interest you? Want to know more?