I read

A LOT!!!!

I'll bet you can tell that from all the books

But I'm also a bit quirky

Which works to both our advantages

Cause you don't want the same old thing

And neither do I. Together let's think better!

I am the daughter of a scientist and an artist. I entered the professional world as a technical about-kate-graphic1writer and journalist (after 7 years as a field geologist). I have a somewhat magical mix of technical understanding, visual literacy, coaching and facilitation skills all enhanced by an MBA.

Big groups of smart people rock my world:

  • In 1997, I found a new tribe at the International Society of Performance Improvement conference and happily joined a group who spend their days figuring out how to help people get smarter.
  • In 2004, I began to work with people trying to change their world in East Africa through the development of micro business start ups.
  • In 2007, I found another new tribe at the first ever Visual Thinking conference where really smart, fun people used pencils, pens and all sizes and shapes of paper to envision the world together.
  • In 2013, I became a professional coach, a practice that emphasizes listening and powerful questions.

Today I am a perfect combination of all of my tribal experiences: a visual thinking evangelist, inclusive facilitator, curriculum designer and inveterate writer. I hang out with big thinkers, people-people, geeks, ideologues and social provocateurs. (That means that I know a LOT of smart people whom I bring in as needed.)

I believe we have reached the limits of fixing critical symptoms without understanding the increasinabout-kate-graphic2gly complex and interwoven set of systems. The visual medium lends itself to deeper exploration of complexity. Words are linear and hierarchical and often, limit our thinking to old, prescribed patterns. The transfer of complex information is much more effective with the use of imagery. It’s time to change the game. To add a new set of tools.

  • Sketchnoting 80%
  • Visual thinking 60%
  • Whiteboard animations 50%
  • Curriculum design 90%
  • Technical writing and editing 100%
  • Professional Facilitation 100%

Curriculum Design

Kate’s elearning products have won three national awards and she has served as a judge for Brandon Hall’s eLearning Excellence. Sticky Knowledge has created 100s of hours of experiential curriculum ranging from mechanical and architectural CAD to manufacturing to business start up and leadership. We LOVE seeing the impact of our work from North America all the way to East Africa.


Group facilitation

We’ve led groups through many, many problem solving and design and development journeys, from Fortune 500 to sole proprietorship.

We can’t help it! We love leading groups through their own thoughtful journey.


Visual Thinking

We are true believers! We have witnessed the power of visuals to transform thinking. We’ve used them to plan massive  2 year projects and conduct thoughtful post mortems. And we’ve seen the way they supercharge the ideation process.

Whiteboard animations

When you need to explain a complex concept FAST and ensure that people remember, we help you tell your story through whiteboard animation. We helped a 35+ book author illustrate the key book concepts as well as helping new, innovative start ups quickly and clearly explain their value proposition in under 2 minutes.