Expertly designed

Experience the best training. Experience is the best teacher.

Challenging and relevant

Learner centered

Nairobi-workshopWe follow a rigorous design process that begins with an understanding of your goals and the target learner.

The process

  1. Initial discussion of goals and gaps (We won’t say yes if we don’t think we match your needs)
  2. On site needs assessment including learner interviews and observation
  3. Co-developed, structured instructional plan designed to deliver on your goals.
  4. Review and revision of instructional plan
  5. Meet with SMEs to gather information
  6. Write first draft
  7. Review materials with SMEs and stakeholders
  8. Complete materials
  9. Train the trainer session

We’ll deliver your training content, just the way you want it

We’ll make sure that your learners are engaged throughout the process. And, we’ll develop a follow up action plan to ensure that your learning goals move forward into workplace action.

Pricing determined upon consultation