Create simple symbols

Process in real time

Have more fun

What are others saying about Sketchnoting 101?

. . .Fun! Opens floodgate to possibilities for presentation development!

. . .Fantastic session! She brought so much energy fun and knowledge!

. . .Spectacular and freeing!

. . .Absolutely excellent workshop, engaging presenter, great content. Love! Love! Love!

. . .A wonderful journey of exploration and enlightenment.


. . .Blends skill and technique with thinking and philosophy. Really want to try more!

. . .I feel more confident as an artist.  I had a great time. super engaging

. . .Love Kate!  Great tips for using art to reinforce ideas and learning

. . .I learned a new tangible skill that can be applied to many situations and it was fun.

. . .Super fun. I walked away with a tangible skill. She was wonderful and the time flew by!

Workshop outline

The Power of Visuals: Experience how visuals open up and preserve thought processes

Sketchnote Showcase: Assess common elements of effective, attractive sketchnotes

Draw like a child: Reconnect and appreciate the clarity of meaning of childhood symbols as you loosen up your drawing muscles

Beginning visual vocabulary: Brainstorm, create and share visual symbols and assign meanings

Simple, expressive people: Practice simple techniques to add expressive, attractive figures to notes and diagrams

Page layouts: Apply common design structures to notes pages to make them attractive and to increase comprehension

Powerful words: Create visually strong labels to layer meaning to sketchnotes

Put it all together: Create sketchnotes for sample lectures

Dress ‘em up: Use a variety of design techniques to polish notes

Establish your practice: Create an action plan for improving and applying your skill to the next level of work

Learn to Sketchnote.

Are you using visuals to communicate your ideas? This skillset is not just for designers, but for anyone who learns, explains, solves problems or changes minds.

Pictures are:

  • worth a thousand words
  • more effective for communicating complex relationships
  • fabulous for getting a group of people on the same “page”
  • often more effective when not drawn by an expert

Graphics Say More, Faster

From infographics to strategy maps to graphic recordings of conferences and meetings, as our world becomes more information-rich and our understanding more complex and systemic, images engage, record and present interrelated conversations and systems.

Rule with Stick Figures

Hand-drawn visuals invite interaction and collaboration. And the hand that holds the marker controls the conversation. The hand that shares the marker invites collaboration. There’s no better way to build your visual chops than through a sketchnoting practice.

The Workshop Agenda

If you believe that you can’t draw well enough to communicate, this is the workshop for you. We’ll begin with a quick, but rich understanding of the power of visuals. Next we’ll explore classic iconic images, revisiting and revising what you drew as a child. We’ll move into building a visual vocabulary using simple images you’ll be comfortable drawing and sharing.

In the second half of the workshop, you’ll power up your tools with the human factor, drawing simple faces and people to convey action and emotion.You’ll learn tricks and techniques to make it all look good as you continue to develop your visual communication skills. We’ll finish up with a conversation on taking your practice forward, with ideas on how to:

  • extend your delivery skills
  • build your visual vocabulary
  • use these same tools for a variety of other purposes.

Never attend another boring meeting or presentation again!

From beginning sketchnoting to collaborative sketchnote boards, we believe in Doodle Power to the People!

Sketchnoting is a great way to begin your visual literacy. Have more fun, remember more, think while you listen. All of these are reasons to start your own sketchnote practice.

We’ll help you remember that you CAN draw, just like you did as a kid.

Expert visual thinking facilitator Kate Hayward can teach you how to solve problems, explore concepts and brainstorm through visual thinking in this fun, interactive workshop. You’ll get:

  • Practice with several effective structures for visual thinking, exploring and problem solving a wide variety of topics using visual methods.
  • Confidence in your ability to “draw” thoughts — without worrying about artistic ability.
  • Workbook and drawing materials provided.

By the end of Sketchnoting 101, I learnt that I actually listened better for the key points in presentations due to having to visualise it as simply and quickly as possible. Kate was a great character. The session was 4 hours and I am sure I could have listened to her for another 4. A great laugh, great fun, passionate and knowledgeable. We need to get her over to the UK ASAP!

Anisah Osman Britton, Operations Director, The Bakery

Flawless facilitation + engaging exercises = one very happy, newly minted sketchnoter. The best sketchnoting workshop I’ve ever attended.
Natalie Currie, Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, Natalie Currie Enterprises Inc.