Think Visually

See new connections

Design new systems

Host a Visual Thinking Session

Need a new solution to an old problem? How about pulling in a variety of experience and background?

Visual thinking sessions get everyone on the same page AND leave a record of the decisions that were made.

Increase collaboration and engagement. And think better. Together.

The process

  1. Free consultation for match (We won’t say yes if we don’t think we match your needs)
  2. Internal assessment to study your situation and plan activities to generate maximum energy and results.
  3. Structured facilitation plan designed to deliver on your goals.
  4. Materials and methods to prepare participants to rock the session, including ground rules for safe and productive exchanges.
  5. Innovation activities to loosen everyone up and get the ideas and exchanges flowing.
  6. Professional facilitation designed to encourage full collaboration and engagement.
  7. Physical records of the session, including photos and illustrations.
  8. A written report summarizing the key breakthroughs, from the perspective of the expert facilitator.

$5000 per session

Make Visual Thinking part of your organization’s toolset

Kate can train expert facilitators in her full methodology, no holds, secrets or tools barred. Includes:

  • Up to 10 participants trained up and ready to be Sketchnoting evangelists, graphic recorders and facilitators
  • Facilitator readiness surveys to identify those within your organization best suited for the role of Visual Facilitator
  • Customized Visual Facilitator training delivered onsite or at our location
  • All course materials, including access to Kate’s how-to videos, the Visual Vocabulary
  • Facilitator coaching and consultations

5 full days followed by personal coaching and consulting


Build your visual vocabulary

2012-sketchnote-workshop-agendaYou believe!!! You have seen the power of sketchnotes and you want to join the club. You don’t have time to figure out all of the key points on your own. You’re ready to sketchnote the next meeting or presentation you attend and you want a jumpstart. You need a Beginning Sketchnote workshop.

I am leading several workshops at conferences in 2015. If you’re going to be attending SXSW, ISPI or ISTE, please join us. But seating is limited so sign up asap.