I was talking Wednesday night to a good but infrequently seen friend. He’s a computational neurobiologist. It’s even fun to write that. I love saying it. I think of him like the physicist of brain science. Anyway, I asked about the connection between thought and imagery, ’cause I wanted a scientist’s perspective. He said, “Oh. That all works on the olfactory algorithm.” Well, duh!

But wait, I asked. Doesn’t that mean smell?

It seems that our brain developed through smell’s guidance (or something like that) and that vision then had to follow smell’s lead. So we categorize visual imagery based on the same kind of process that we use to define smell.

Aha! A connection. Remember those times when smells send you right back to a clear, distinct but forgotten memory? They (who?) say that smell is the greatest, cleanest, brain opener there is. I get it now!!!

I’m going to learn more because this is great provocation, but I still need to get to the brain/visual stuff. I’ll keep you posted.