The most important work toward becoming comfortably literate in your use of images is to build a robust, simple visual vocabulary. The best way to do that is to, well, do it. After 7+ years of active visual practice, I have a fairly developed vocabulary. However, it seems short-sighted not to continually build, so I actively watch for symbols that appeal to me. And I capture them for further use. To challenge myself in visual thinking, I also work the other way, come up with a word or concept and figure out how to draw it.

Let’s see if we can go through a long term exercise together, one that doesn’t require much commitment but should still deliver big results over time. I’m going to draw an image a day to see what emerges. And I’m going to start with the letter A and work my way through the alphabet, one day at a time. Then, if I am still on board by the time I reach Z, I’m going to start all over with a new A word. Want to play along?

Here’s the first one. What will you draw?