Time for the next set of warm up exercises. Are these lessons arriving too slowly?

circlesExercise 1, 9 circles

Go back to your 9 circles page or start a new one following the stir circles process.

Now for the next 5 minutes, make something out of each of those circles. Draw anything. Draw the first thing that comes into your head.

Exercise 2, 9 squares

Use your vertical and horizontal line throwing technique to make 3 rows of 3 squares about the same size. Throw the top and bottom. Pull the sides.

For the next 5 minutes, make something out of each of those squares.


?   Whasquarest did you draw?

How many did you draw before you had to stop and think?

What about that was hard?

What was your drawing speed like? Did you feel rushed? Did you have enough time?

Did you find new images, ones that you either hadn’t drawn for a long time?

When did one idea lead to another idea?

What did you learn as you created your images? What surprised you?

Exercise 3, Assigning meaning

Look at each of your images. What concepts could each of those images represent for you?

For example, my tire circle could represent movement, or being out of control. My balloon might represent a feeling of lightness, or childhood or celebration if I draw a bunch of them.

The box can be a container for something or unpacking.

Go ahead and label each drawing with at least one concept.


You have formally begun your visual vocabulary!!!!