First, I love Dave Gray (founder of xplane). He probably doesn’t know that and that’s fine. I have been able to observe him in person from a distance on two different occasions; I have seen a few of his videos. I’ve read his books, even his 2.0 book Marks and Meaning. I love him for the way he shows up, huge and humble. And smart.

So, when I read that he released a new book, Amazon had me. And when he mentioned that his source of inspiration and instruction was Cynthia Kurtz, her book, Working with Stories in Your Community or Organization, was delivered in the very same box. I opened the box today, giddy with my treasures.

Back to Dave. I read it in one sitting, but I’m not putting it back on the bookshelf yet. For me, Liminal Thinking reads as a lengthy, informed love letter. Not one of those about my eyes being limpid pools, but one in which the author wants the very best for me because I matter. Yup. He says that. To me. On page 143.

Liminal thinking means that you live on the edge of the possibility of change. Gray describeLove-letters Liminal Thinking as a core need because we each live in a world isolated by our beliefs. Those beliefs filter which facts and experience we pay attention to. Which then reinforce our beliefs. And to see more broadly and to embrace possibility, we need to examine our beliefs. If we want to connect with others, we need to understand their beliefs.

The book appears simple and approachable. There is a chapter for each of 6 principles. Principle 6 is the scariest; that the deepest beliefs reinforce our identity. See, I told you. Scary. “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.”

The second half of the book contains 9 Practices. The principles are clear; the practices are simply stated and, well, practical. For example, if you want to challenge a belief  or test it to see if it’s true, act as if it’s not. Gray’s got stories of clear examples for everything he writes about.

I read the book with my “reinforcing belief bubble” on, that Dave Gray is very smart. I’ve still got that bubble. And now I’m sharing it with you.

I can’t tell you about the second book yet, except to say that I have already found some really great, usable ideas and I have only flipped through. It will take mjump-bunnye deeper down the rabbit hole of story. I can’t wait! I’ll share more about that once I get into it.