I thought in this post I’d share some of the places that I find inspiration. This is me, right before I get new glasses.

Plus, I’m waiting to receive my sketchbook for the World Sketchbook Tour 2012. I feel as if I might have put myself in the path of a bus with this kind of commitment but I think that might start me running again, you know? But how will I ever give it up!!!!?

So, a first link. They Draw and cook. Who wouldn’t want to look at lovely drawings of FOOD!!!

When I need to think about new fonts, I am inspired by Carolyn Sewell’s lovely and funny hand-drawn text postcards.

David Sibbet’s sketchnotes on an ipad showed me a new way to order and organize my page. Straight rectangles! Who’d a thunk it?

Mike Rodhe’s collection of Sketchnotes from many sources give me many ideas for how to doodle fancy my notes.

Dave Gray, the man who unleashed it for me and his own sketchbook. If you haven’t yet seen a copy of Marks & Meaning, you must!

Need new symbols? Try Ed Emberley. I just got the Halloween book and now I can’t wait to hear a lecture that allows me to add a skeleton or two to my sketchnotes.

I find that I am more inspired by simple drawings than the more complex ones. Maybe that’s ’cause I can’t even pretend to hijack the complex ones.