Please, More Pie!

Networking within our field can sometimes feel a little threatening. We may worry that we are dividing up the same pie and the more I give you the less I can keep for myself.

Networking isn’t a competitive sport; it’s an the opportunity for rich collaboration. And PIE is about finding more opportunities to make more pies together, so that everyone has more to share.

Imagine you have a short conversation with someone. You want to connect again. On your pie card, write your first name and something you truly admire/respect about that person based on what you have observed. Approach the person with the pie card and your business card.

It works like this:
1. You each introduce yourselves.
2. You mention what you observed that you admire
3. You ask if it’s possible to make an appointment to connect further
4. They say, “ABSOLUTELY!!!”
5. You write your name on the PIE card.
6. On the inviation line, you write a reminder of your scheduled commitment to re-engage.

PIE ebooklet

Print page 3 and 4 double sided, cut out your pie cards and

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