TEDx San Antonio was great. That part was expected. The Sketchnote boards were interesting in that the old “I can’t draw!!! Really. I can’t draw,” seemed to get in the way of large scale contributions. There were 300 attendees. However, there wasn’t a lot of time during breaks and lunch as technology had caused some issues with the schedule. One of the speakers, a very funny comic named Molly Banks, remarked that this was the first ever EDx, as the T was obviously missing.

I started adding content to the boards during the talks so that the drawings would feel less empty, less lonely. That said, there were brave souls who added bits. EVERYTHING that was added was GRAND!!!

Most people looked at the boards as if they were in a gallery. Have to taught people too well not to draw on walls? Which makes me wonder, is the assumption that collaborative sketchnoting is possible false? Or is it true? And what would make sketchnoting into a comfortable conversational medium?

What do you think? Would you draw on a public space? Maybe spray paint cans would have made it more palatable but I think Trinity University would have been pretty nervous about that.

Here are the boards. What would keep you from adding your own stuff? I’d like to make this work. Will it?


P.S., there are a few boards missing as two of the speakers took theirs home. I wonder if they will draw on them?