Here are four short videos to practice for sketchnoting.

Try this process.

Round 1

Watch the video through once. Suspend your own judgement of the presentation for now. Instead, take note of:

  • The structure of the talk. Is it a journey? Are there clear sections? Is it argument response?
  • At least 4 main ideas
  • Any images used to represent those ideas

Pause at the end and draw an image of your own that represents each of those ideas. Feel free to hijack any image you saw if it works for you.

Round 2

Now, listen again and sketchnote, adding in your own opinions, questions and other knowledge that you have that relates to the ideas presented.

What did you see that you hadn’t thought of in the first round?

Powerful sketchnoting allows you not only to record the ideas presented but also includes thinking about how they fit or don’t fit within your current understanding. It also engages your curiosity to know more.