we won! cherry bombsI am a total foodie, not a high-brow, high-falutin foodie but a true lover of all things tasty. This weekend was the 8th annual Salsa Fest Fundraiser at a local art center (Eye of the Dog; you gotta check them out!). The garden, in the midst of this incredible rain for us; horrendous flood for others, has been producing cherry tomatoes too fast to harvest almost. We decided to use them as the basis for our salsa competition. And wanted to keep them in their purest, but not necessarily most pristine form. So. . .we injected pickled jalapeno juice into each tomato and topped each one with a cilantro fuse. One pop; complete pico salsa in your mouth! These have to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

salsa trophies 2015And they were. We won MOST UNIQUE using really traditional ingredients. Here’s a blurry photo of the entire set of trophies. Anybody know how to take a non-blurry cell phone photo, ’cause apparently I don’t. But I did make a killer salsa container. Or grow one anyway.