Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.                  Albert Einstein

What you need

  • Innovation and creative thinking to solve old problems in new ways
  • Fully engaged collaboration
  • Input and ideas from all sources
  • Clear plans for what to do, when to do it and how to complete it

What we do

Harness the power of images to:
  • Reconnect your creative genius
  • Liven up presentations, whether you are in the audience or on the stage
  • Equip everyone with the big picture ability
  • Engage the entire room

night cityBe strategically flexible. Innovate. Think Different!

The world is changing and your business world is changing right along with it. You need to be flexibly strategic, from the senior vps down to the line staff. Visual thinking moves you out of well-worn thinking ruts.

How do we get visual?

Engage your customers!

Your customers must understand your brilliant new product in order to make a buying decision. When they become the hero of your story, you have their full attention

How do we tell their story?


Practice teaching labTrain for results. Teach what’s important!

You’ve redesigned systems; you’ve hired the very best talent; you know how to respond to your customers every desire.

 How will you act on your best plans?

customer-empathy-mapRecord key decisions and outcomes

Your group is making key decisions that everyone will need to support and uphold. You want to introduce a visual practice but you don’t know where to begin. How can you make sure that everyone stays engaged, buys in and remembers what happened here?


Start Here

What’s New

Deep, rich and complex visual conversation with pie charts

I just read a really brilliant article by Steve Blank, the king of customer discovery and the author of the Startup Owner's Manual. Can't recommend his work highly enough! Always insightful and always provocative. This post was no different. He writes about using a...

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Working in Design Duos

I've been wondering for a very long time why designing anything seems more effective when I am able to work with another brain.  Yesterday, I was involved in three rapid, complex let's-design-this-on-the-fly-we're-behind-on-our-deadline sessions. The situations we...

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Emerging Women 2017 and roadtripping with Brene and Tom

I just attended Emerging Women 2017 in Denver. Denver is relatively close to Texas by Texas standards and I love to drive through the wide open West so that's what I chose to do. I would do it again. Just before the trip, I read I Thought It Was Just Me, Brene's first...

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What others say about working with Kate


Robert J. Bahl

Vice President of Engineering & Facilities, the Americas, Marriott International

Kate introduced our team to Visual Thinking and Sketchnoting at our annual strategy meeting. She really pushed us to think differently and creatively and we had a lot of fun. We were extremely happy with her program and class. We continue to use the tools she taught us as we strive to be more innovative at Marriott.

Kate was invited back as our master facilitator at our Energy Summit meeting and did an incredible job keeping the program on track, both with her help preplanning and her excellent skills in facilitation. The Energy Summit was highly successful and we accomplished our goals for the meeting with Kate’s great help.

We are inviting Kate back again to teach Visual Thinking to all of our Full Service hotels in our Engineering Conferences scheduled for Spring of 2015.

I highly recommend Kate Hayward and the innovative programs she has developed.

karenKaren Lee, PhD.

Cowgirl Brands LLC

Kate has incredible clarity and gives excellent direction. She really truly understands and embraces the creative process, leaving plenty of room for interesting solutions without cramping style, but keeping an eye on practical implementation issues and ensuring minimal procedural surprises. She asks the most interesting questions as a way to move the work forward and appreciates the nuances of creative solutions. I love working with Kate.


Michael McDermott

Change Management Director at Statewide Financial System

Kate worked in a very complex business environment, managing a start up business in a very complex partnership with a third party. There were no business models, no standards and no rules of engagement, all of which Kate had to manage and develop herself. She performed with professionalism, integrity and delivered the results expected. She is an asset to any organization.

jasonJason Hergert

Director, Finance at QNX Software Systems

Kate is one of the most innovative and spontaneous individuals I have dealt with. Her dedication to wonderful and practical results is mingled with creative and stylish flair. Always high quality and always a great result!

provoke-meProvoke me, Intrigue me, Enlist me!


You want to do something new and different, maybe slightly off level? You want a co-conspirator/provocateur? You think my skills can help your efforts? Let’s talk. I LOVE new ideas! And I love c0-creation and collaboration. We might be able to play together to make something truly new and wonderful.

email me

If you have an opportunity where my skills seem to be the perfect match. Or you are just curious about whether or not we’re a good partnership, let’s start a conversation.